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Sustainable Art

1) My idea was to get the most essential things I could find in my house which is water and food, but what I did was tape the waters into an hourglass so that it represents time. I added this because my grandma always tells me a saying “there is more time than life”, thatContinue reading “Sustainable Art”

Artist Conversation #5

Artist- Micol Hebron Gallery- Zoom Room Micol Hebron is an “interdisciplinary artist” who practices a lot of different things such as curating, writing, public-speaking etc. She is an Art Professor at Chapman University and most of her work seems to be more collaborative. She attend various Art events, in different places. She does road trips,Continue reading “Artist Conversation #5”

Artist Conversation #3

Artist- Sienna Browne Exhibition- Product of the Pallet Media- Water Color, Casting, Projection Gallery- Our classroom at CSULB Sienna Browne is an upcoming artist at CSULB, in fact she is actually going to be graaduating this year with a BFA in art. The experience with her was actually an improvement compared to past interactions withContinue reading “Artist Conversation #3”