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Sustainable Art

I call it “The Essentials”

1) My idea was to get the most essential things I could find in my house which is water and food, but what I did was tape the waters into an hourglass so that it represents time. I added this because my grandma always tells me a saying “there is more time than life”, that quote has also become an essential part of my personal life.

2) Banana peel, lunchables, two water bottles and a salt lamp that I found.

3) I believe that my piece was able to express my idea.

4) I feel like my choice of materials makes it really relatable to whoever is observing it since they are materials that I am pretty sure are familiar and are common in some households.

5) A kiss should last for however long it takes for the heart to be satisfied.

6) A work of art shouldn’t ever be finite.

7) A marriage, at least back in the old days, should be till death do them apart.

8) I believe that human life is out of our control and you should never have the mentality of how long it should last, just continue to live life and grow as a person because you never know when your time will run out.

9) I feel like it does make a difference because if you know that something is finite and it will end, it makes you want to appreciate ,whatever it is, more. That mentality will probably lead to more positive than negative feelings in your experiences.

10) Those things like water and air, should depend on us and whether we choose to treat it right and with respect. If we don’t look after our planet and make sure we are doing our part, we will learn the hard way that sometimes things aren’t just given in life.

11) I would like to say that one person does have the ability to change the world and can make a difference, but the truth is that to make a change that big you are going to need a big group of people to help you out. So it is not about if you are willing to make a change, it is all about if people are willing to help you out and share the same passion.

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